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Is your business, online or off, using the power of web conference?

Why ask? Because, in the world of the web conference and web conferencing,

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the ability to connect with your client and customers has taken on a whole new, advanced way for you grow your business, and build profitable relationships.

If you’ve ever had difficulty scheduling a meeting with large groups, or clients spread across the continent or the world, then it’s really time you discover web conferencing.

What’s Changing in the Web Conference World? [get more here…]

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web conferencing event signNaturally, you want your web conferencing event to be a western union united kingdom south queensferry huge success.  If you’ve got your western union sri lanka tirappane el=”nofollow” href=”” target=”_blank”>mailing list and autoresponder set up complete, you’re ready to start promoting your web conference event.

Here are a few ideas to get you started generating an excellent attendance at your event.  Remember, you need lots of sign ups to get a large turnout, particularly for free events.  Common attendance for free webinars is about 10 -15% of your signups.

  • Promote your event to your mailing list. Send a few reminders to register. Remember that people need to be reminded to take action.  It is simply human nature.  The reminders ensure maximum participation in you web conferencing event.
  • Add a pop-up or other promotion to your website.

    Pop-ups are very effective at increasing sign up rates.  In many cases you can see a 300 to 400% increase in registrations using pop-ups.

  • Ask any presenters or interviewees to also promote the event. This is key.  If your presenters or interviewees have mailing list and websites, it’s important to remind them to promote the event as well.
  • Provide promotional links to your affiliates and provide commissions for any backend sales. If you have affiliates, create promotion links, and special offers or incentive for them to promote your web conference event.  This can really grow attendance to levels you never imagined. [get more here…]

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gvo hosting bannerYou’re doing great if you’ve moved this far into creating your web conferencing event.  You are really serious about building your relationships, and now you must get serious about being capable of communicating with your attendees, both before

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and after your event.

Your Web Conferencing Mailing List/Autoresponder Set Up

So you made your promotion page, and you now you need to ensure all your prospects who sign up for your web conference event get placed into an autoresponder/mailing list.  Your autoresponder is a MUST HAVE tool. If you don’t have an autoresponder, I highly recommend the following: [get more here…]

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